Posted by: Gilad Lev-Shamur | October 29, 2016

The end users (PMs) and not top management should define the PMS 

Garbage in , garbage out. This is the case with most project management systems. You can define amazing  set of indicators , amazing graphs and wonderful reports that will make sure you will get an upgrade almost immediately . But unless you keep the quality of your data, it is just garbage…

The problem is that such systems build for top management. The people that build them, try to satisfy the management requests and supply them the amazing indicators and reports. But without the quality ,you can not trust what you see. Very shortly , every one understand the system is not reliable and the search for new system begin …

You need to think differently . Build your system for the end user. The PM. Build a system that will cause him to log in every day. That will help him with his work and will not be just a reporting system.

Make sure he will be able to do everything through it. That he will want to log in and manage his projects. Updating the data will be just a secondary for this.

By doing that you will make sure data is correct , PMs are happy and top management got what they want (and it is not a garbage this time …).

If you have other idea how to improve the data quality of a PMS, I will be happy to hear.

Good luck !


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