Posted by: Gilad Lev-Shamur | January 1, 2010

How you motivate yourself during project’s difficult periods? (WordPress Poll)

I added the “How you motivate yourself during project’s difficult periods?” poll to the blog sidebar.

I got some interesting comments in LinkedIn groups for this question, and I want to get some additional data before I will analysis it.

Please vote and feel free to add your comments. I will use it for future posts.


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  1. Several strategies can work here.

    First, remind yourself of the possible personal WIIFM — Whats In it for Me. Reconnect with the payoff that motivated you in the first place, be it learning, recognition, contribution, solving tough problems, etc.

    Second, remind yourself of other tough situations that you were able to turn around and probe for the skills you used. Was it your ability to negotiate more resources, modify a faulty plan, change the approach? And what were the underlying qualities that enabled you to use those skills, such as confidence, tenacity, and humor. Call on those qualities now.

    Third, ask yourself how your greatest heroes would manage themselves in this situation. Release your imagination here, have fun with it, and let it affect you. No doubt the Road Runner, Fred Flintstone, and Superman would plunge into solving the problems causing the difficulties.

    These are Emotional Intelligence strategies, more about these in my latest book STRATEGIC PROJECT MANAGEMENT MADE SIMPLE: PRACTICAL TOOLS FOR LEADERS AND TEAMS (Wiley, 2009).

    This should get you sufficiently motivated to do the problem solving needed to get the project back on track.

  2. Thanks Terry,

    At the end, as I understand from your comment, no matter what kind of help you get, you should find your strategy for motivate yourself.

    A leader should deal with the difficult situations he faced, and as most of the leaders (or project mangers), he usually feel the loneliness in the management position.

    Finding way to motivate yourself is a powerful tool.


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