Posted by: Gilad Lev-Shamur | August 27, 2009

PM has only few minutes of joy. During the recognitions ceremony

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Few days ago we succeed to handover the third part of a big fit-up project. Once again returned the regular ritual of sending the completion message (with the appropriate pictures , making sure that all the contributors names will appear on it or someone might be offended) in wide distribution (project team, stakeholders, managers …), waiting for some complimenting mails which show that someone is appreciate your team work.

 People do not fully understand all the time the importance of this formally act, does not matter exactly how it’s been done: completion mail following by managers/customers feedback, dinner for the project team with recognition awards and etc. They forgot to include some of the project team members, don’t publish the team achievements and so.

 As someone told me is the past: “PM has only few minutes of joy. During the recognitions ceremony”.

Projects create stressed environment: never-ending chase after millstones, tight budget, frequently changing demands from our customers, political environment, economic environment and so on. You do not have the privilege to sit all the day long, be happy of yourself and collect credits. You need to earn it.

But the time in which we collect our credits must come. Projects teams need it, our project team needs it, we need it. No meter how you do it, small or big, your team should get the good words.

People are different. Some will need to get feedback constantly or they will lose the joy. Others can carry on for long time without getting it, and will continue with their high level performance. But in general, all of us need it.

 How we constantly keep our team moral, letting them know their work is appreciate without losing the tension?

First of all it’s important to choose the correct way to do it. Not all millstones achievement should be followed by barbeque party on the beach. Sometimes small toast or even a wide distribution mail with the project team names will be enough. Keep your parties to project or large millstone completion.

 Find all the events you can say thank you. You might even need to create them. Most important, do not forget someone. Even the ones with the small contribution to the project. You can boost someone work by just giving him the credit in front of his manger and customers. Do not exaggerate. But do not forget them.


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